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Dear Diary.

I will be continuing this Australiablog in english so that my newfound Aussiefriends also can follow it.

Things have been improving since I met Nicole and Caroline. But I just felt like I should go to stay at a hostel for a few days again, as I had been freeloading with them for a whole week. But both of you should know, that I am very greatfull for everything you've done for me. And Caroline, I'm of to your mum's in Merimbula in a very bumpy bus.

I found a great hostel in Fitzroy, the Nunnery. Really sceneric, with a great vibe, just my kind of place. Even though I was kind of hoping to meet other inspiring people there, in a 6 bed doorm, I once again felt that it was lowseason. I had the entire room for myself for two days. But that was actually kinda great. Gave me peace to work and sleep without worrying about asians trying to have sex. And I still got to meet some of the other travellers ind the livingroom. I might be staying there again next week, when I come back to Melbourne. One of the guys in the reception is REALLY cute, but didn't have the guts to even ask him his name. Jesus, I need to grow some balls, or whatever. Besides that, monday was kinda boring, with the same old eating out alone. But I am getting very used to that, and have learned to bring a magazine. Only problem with that is the weight. I'm not getting any less luggage.

Tuesday I got up early to continue calling everyone on my list. Luckily I got hold of this guy David, a photographerfriend of Jespers, who invited me to come see him late afternoon, while he was shooting in a rental studio in Port Melbourne. I had found a very good café at the corner of Gertrude and Smiths, just across the Crumplerstore. They have the BEST chai latte in town, and belive me I know, I'm a sucker for chai latte. Gotta have that "I'm a fancy city photographer bohemian coffee to go" feeling, eventhough I don't drink coffee, unless there's alcohol in it. Anyways, I had turned that café into my office, for a few hours at least, and I was surprisingly good at blocking everyone out, as I was trying to reach people on my list. Usually I find it a bit embarrasing having someone overhear my begging phonecalls. Gotta throw all that shyness away along with lots of other rubbish. Ehm.... where was I.... Yes, I managed to get another meeting in a big studio before my meeting in the afternoon. So I went for that and afterwards to the very big rental studio to meet David who inroduced me to the studiomanager. Julia. She was really great. Gave me a whole long list of names og loads of information, and promised to give me a call as soon as any assistingwork comes along.

By the way. I have been thinking a lot about that Crumplerbag, so as I was right across the store anyways..... yeah okay i planned it that way.... I thougt I should pay them a visit again, and see what the bag actually would look like, with my things in it, my logo on it, and what it would cost me. Turned out, it would look great! So I ordered it, and I can pick it up September 8th. Can't wait.

Today I have been so lucky to get a foot in the door with a great agency in Melbourne. I'm meeting them next thursday. Feels great, and I'm really hoping that something good comes of it.

Right now, I'm in the bus, on my way to Merimbula to see Carolines mum. Well I'm actually there in hope of seeing some whales, but Carolines mum has offered to be my host. It will be great to see some of the countryside and I really need to geet my feet in the sand, the wind in my hair, and just stare at the ocean for a while. Haven't had the time to do it in Melbourne, and also, it just didn't feel rigtht. Saturday I'm going to Sydney to meet with Thor, my danish friend, whos apartment i rented in Copenhagen. While I'm upthere I need to try even harder to get in touch with Donna and Vogue. Would be great to get a meeting with them before I leave for Melbourne again thursday.


Got to Merimbula last night, at 3 am, where Carolines mum, Sandra, picked me up, and took me to her big, beautifull house by the sea. She gave me a quick tour around, as it was very late, and also showed me the stunning view from her balcony. Clear sky. Millions of stars! Took my breath away, and gave me this little sting in my heart, just like when I saw your boy the first time Pia. I was very close to tears, but had to get my self together, wouldn't have Carolines mum to think I am a pussy.

As Sandra went to bed, I just had to look at the stars for a while and have a ziggy on the balcony. As I stood there in the dark, listening to the ocean, enjoying the amazing stars, there was a shooting star. Like a little present for me. Made a wish offcourse, but I guess I'm not supposed to tell anyone what it is, if I want it to come true. And I do, i really do.

Now I'm at a café in this small town. Very cute, loads of nice houses. It's very beautifull here and it's just what I need, after all these hectic days in Melbourne. It's a bit warmer up here, so it's nice to finally wear some of all the summerclothes I've brought.

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