Finding a surfer to bring to the opera house on rollerskates.
Finding a surfer to bring to the opera house on rollerskates.

Dear diary.

I am still tired. But after all, today, it's because of all the fresh air. I went to Manly, wich is a small suburb/village just north of Sydney. I've read that there were supposed to be a good surfschool there, and that it should be a good place to skate. From the Darling Harbour there's ferries to all the little places you can go around Sydney, and it's right next to the Sydney opera house. 3 flies with one smack..... hm... not sure that danish saying translates that well. But in short, I got to see the opera house aswell. It's very beautiful, and I could defenetly see myself hanging around, skating and taking pictures of it, for quite som time.

In Manly i just hung around for a few hours. Looked at the surfers and skated a little. It was nice to get some exercise. I feel fat, now that its been three weeks since I skated the last time. And eating out all the time, is not good for the lovehandles either. Still concidering the surflessons and going with Thor to Brisbane in the middle of september. He is picking up is wife there, moving to Sydney and said that I could come with him on the trip north, but that I should find some other way to get south again. I'm thinking that I should see Byron Bay and work my way down the coast. But I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens with Donna, before I decide.

Sydney is quite different from Melbourne. It's more businesslike and the girls more posh, or maybe I should say wannabe posh. Most of the inner city is lots of traffic and skyskrabers and I haven't found any nice, cosy, bohemeian places yet, but tomorrow I'm meeting with Jessica, a danish friends friend, so I'm hoping she knows some good spots. Tomorrow I'm also going to see a rentalstudio in the south end of the city. I should give out some businesscards aswell, but I'm finding it a bit difficult to concentrate on the worksearchingprocess at the moment. All I can think of is the meeting on wednesday. But I'm also getting very used to the fact that I'm not working. It's kinda nice to sleep til 9, taking my time to go out, and just see what ever I like. I'm getting all sorts of ideas for more travelling, and I think its really a pity that the money in the bank, wont last forever. Other than that, nothing much. I'm enjoying life and the warm weather uphere. Nice to finally get som sun. My homesickness is still gone, but I do miss you.

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